About Us

We have been expecting you. It is not a strange incident or a mere coincidence. We share a lot in common – we, as a company, and you, as our guest.

You are not just any traveler who goes from one place to another, simply looking and nodding your head at those ‘things to see’ highlighted in the pages of that ‘all-inclusive’ guidebook clutched in your hand. Or watching priceless sights and sounds from a tour-bus as they roll past, rushed by an over-enthusiastic guide.

You are a discerning, independent explorer. You are inquisitive and curious. Travel is not just about going to places for you – it is a journey - A journey to lands, people, and cultures where you want to discover others and sometimes just yourself. This is what your dreams are made of. This is why we expected you. Mayur Pankh creates the destinations to colour your dreams. We listen to you and understand you. Then we put our experience, expertise, and imagination to work. In a whirl of colours and images, the excitement of a journey you have dreamt of will start.

Come, let us spread our wings together and make your dreams come true.
Experience beyond expectations – Mayur Pankh – the destinations to colour your dreams!

At Mayur Pankh, we strive and succeed to be more than just a pretty logo. Just as a peacock makes its presence known with its majestic, beautiful feathers, Mayur Pankh has its own unique trademark. Let us show you how we do it.


In everything we do for you. We take absolute and true interest in the smallest details. When you leave your comfort zone – home and environment – you depend on someone else to make everything as comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable as you want it to be. We create your journeys taking your happiness as our benchmark for success.


Is what makes us different from others. Not only are our journeys distinct, we have experienced them first-hand. We know the hotels, airlines, tour hot-spots, local haunts, and everywhere else your dreams take you. Our local guides are excellent and help you truly experience the culture they are from.


Of exceeding your expectations. When you journey with us, we promise to make sure you experience a world beyond your expectations. You want to come back to us and we want to take you along with us again and again. We are with you every step of the way – from your home and back. Also, we would love to hear from you. So, we will follow up with you once you return. Tell us how Mayur Pankh did for you, and then tell others about it too.


In creations styled just for you. You will find grace and elegance in every journey crafted exclusively taking you in the picture. Whether it is the hotels that cater to your wants, restaurants that pamper your taste, or an evening out with someone special – drop us a hint, give us an idea, or even a wink and we will know what to do exactly for you.


Served with a white-gloved etiquette. As we work with you, we are very clear and transparent. There are no hidden costs and no ugly surprises. Because we know this completely ruins your dream journey and we definitely do not want that. Mayur Pankh and you are more than just business partners – we are friends. And, we want to keep on being friends.

  • After enjoying our Kerala trip, we returned back yesterday. As discussed on telephone, I am giving below my feedback on the package arranged by you:

    K. R. Gupta