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Welcome to Mayur Pankh!

We have been expecting you. It is not a strange incident or a mere coincidence. We share a lot in common – we, as a company, and you, as our guest.

You are not just any traveler who goes from one place to another, simply looking and nodding your head at those ‘things to see’ highlighted in the pages of that ‘all-inclusive’ guidebook clutched in your hand. Or watching priceless sights and sounds from a tour-bus as they roll past, rushed by an over-enthusiastic guide.

You are a discerning, independent explorer. You are inquisitive and curious. Travel is not just about going to places for you – it is a journey - A journey to lands, people, and cultures where you want to discover others and sometimes just yourself. This is what your dreams are made of. This is why we expected you. Mayur Pankh creates the destinations to colour your dreams. We listen to you and understand you. Then we put our experience, expertise, and imagination to work. In a whirl of colours and images, the excitement of a journey you have dreamt of will start.